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Part 1 | Reversal of Diabetes | AuroHealth Globally with Dr Dullu

Fundamental scientific background of causation of Diabetes Mellitus and the reason
for using certain combination of our products in order to reverse the disease process and
restore health.

Type 1 Diabetes affects children and is caused because of deficiency in Insulin production and
require external Insulin for survival.

Type2 is the most rampant Chronic Lifestyle disorder causing widespread morbidity and m
mortality across the world.


Part 2 | Reversal of Diabetes | AuroHealth Globally with Dr Dullu

Lets understand why we say Diabetes is a Lifestyle disorder.

When we eat any food the amount of glusose produced by digestion of that food is called
Glycaemic Index. Obviously those foods that have high GL Index can cause a spurt in blood
sugar levels and exert undue pressure on beta cells for Insulin supply. Thus If the food that we
eat rapidly produces sugar and it gets readily absorbed and assimilated in the blood the Beta cells
are put under stress to produce Insulin rapidly and in higher quantities. This can be taken care for
some time but if it happens again and again the beta cells either stop responding to the food stimulus
or start producing defective Insulin. This causes High Blood Sugar levels as well as High Insulin levels in
blood because this insulin is not consumed at the cells.


Part 3 | Reversal of Diabetes | AuroHealth Globally with Dr Dullu

Hence we say Holistic approach is critical to restore health.

Moderate Exercise 20 minutes daily

Low Glycemic Diet

Nutrient Supplementation with Proteins , Multivitamins Multiminerals , Omega-3 , Anti-Oxidants –for
PreDiabetics and addition of My HealthWorks Diabetes Package.

Yoga\Meditation regimen if learnt and practiced would be highly beneficial to all.

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