This is the name given to the fat present in our body circulating in our blood, manufactured in liver and also some of it entering thru our digestive system though fatty food. It is of various types like Low Density Lipoproteins, Very Low Density Lipoproteins, and High Density Lipoproteins & Triglycerides. For its compatibility while travelling in blood and biochemical availability for various reactions it is mixed with proteins and that is called Lipoprotein. It is part of all cell membranes or coverings of our cells taking part in some critical functions.

Blood Pressure

This is the pressure exerted by the flowing column of blood on the walls of the blood vessel especially the arteries. The arteries are elastic and therefor exert an opposing pressure on this column of blood which can be detected and measured by an apparatus. The pressure during the pumping of blood by heart (systole) is the systolic pressure and the one when the heart relaxes in between the strokes called the diastolic blood pressure. There is quite a variation in the normal levels based on age, time of the day, lifestyle etc.

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Cholesterol Info
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